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Founding the band

Mouktafi band, at the beginnings called “The Mouktafi Project”, was founded in 2002 by Riccardo Mantellini, Alessandro Longo, Simone Paschetto and Simone Stevanin in Torino, Italy. The name of the band was the surname of the former owner of Stevanin’s flat where the band was formed.

2004 - 2014

Early career years

While several changes in the line-up took place during the years, the spirit of the band never really changed. Tha aim of the guys was mixing rock’n’roll tradition with new sounds and a unique testwriting combining different languages and talking about global issues including History, international Politics, Enviroment as well as human feelings towards the surrouding world and its cultures. The band moved for years in Torino’s underground culture with several concerts to its credit.

2015 - 2018

First Album Release

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The return

After all, since it was a mystic and pleasurable experience, some years later the guys, now fathers or respected professionals, decided to join again the music set for the love of arts and the relief effects of music in today’s embittering life.


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